Monday, June 9, 2008

Well....this is it!

It is now 1:00pm on Monday, June 9 and I am completely packed - I think. Somehow I fit all the items that I think I might possibly need over the next 6 weeks in two large suitcases. It still remains to be seen if I can actually lift these suitcases (they are on wheels, so "carrying" them shouldn't be a problem) - but perhaps there are some very kind good Samaritans in NM who would feel inclined to help a damsel in distress (or at least a middle-aged teacher with a bad back). I will have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

I will take my laptop and some "light" reading material in a backpack as my carry on; who knew that I would get more than one use out of the neon blue and orange EF Tours backpack!

This must be what they call "the calm before the storm." I am amazingly at peace right now. I intentionally packed early so that I wouldn't be stressed out tonight - the family deserves my last few hours at home to be on a good note :) I am sure the nerves will be in high gear tomorrow morning as we drive to KCI to catch an 8:35 flight, but I suppose I have come to realize that I have reached the "point of no return" and perhaps this calm feeling is actually a reluctant acceptance of the inevitable. Whatever the case, I give God the praise for providing me with this opportunity - and allowing me some meditative time to rest, relax and regroup before leaving tomorrow. Now I will just pray for strength - literally - to transport this luggage from my Olathe home to my new Santa Fe dorm room.
The next post will be from New Mexico --- so for now this is over and out from Kansas!

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