Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Day of Firsts

Well, I actually did it. I got on that plane and did not chicken out. Actually, there was a part of me that wanted to back out - but I am simply too stubborn to back down from a public commitment (and you can't get more public than a blog and a facebook message).

The plane ride was uneventful - and I even managed to get both suitcases (net weight 87 pounds!) off the conveyor belt by myself without causing any bodily injury to myself or others (I considered this the first major success of the journey).

As I was standing in line to register for the shuttle I met my first Bread Loaf attendee - Marjorie - who has been to two other Bread Loaf sessions and is NOT an English major - I felt quite relieved already. Marjorie is very outgoing and was willing to share lots of useful information.

Once the shuttle actually arrived we met another Bread Loaf attendee - Emily - who will actually be graduating from the program after this 6 week session. She was also a wealth of information and both of them tried to calm my fears of inadequacy.

I also managed to lug both suitcases (although I did have to do it one at a time) up 2 flights of stairs. The 7,000 ft altitude causes one to become winded very quickly - so even though I know I am out of shape - I REALLY felt out of shape after accomplishing that feat.

The dorm rooms are very nice - small but nice. You walk into one person's room as you come through the front door (this room is about 10x8) and then the 2nd room has its own door off to the right (and it is about 6x8). I have the 2nd room - but it is adequate to suit my needs. There are four of these rooms per floor with a common hall bath (not ideal - but better than what I had when I was at Gettysburg College). The bathroom is right across the hall from our room, so that is rather convenient.

My roommate is from "the bush" part of Alaska - and she is absolutely fascinating! I told her that I will receive half of my education from Bread Loaf professors and the other half from her. She attends the Church of Christ and we are going to try to attend the local church together on Sundays. God is Good!! Marjie is my next door neighbor - so I feel as though I already have a couple of friends on campus.

There was a lovely, low-key reception for us this evening, and then a great dinner of some real Santa Fe cuisine: fajitas - chicken enchiladas - jicama salad. The professors spoke very briefly, but they all seem to be very approachable and low-key as well.

It was a huge days of firsts for me - and for an introvert like myself - it was exhausting! Tomorrow is another day of firsts: I have both classes tomorrow - one from 9:00 - 11:45 and the other from 2:00 - 4:45. However, I only have class Mondays and Wednesdays - so I will have a 4 day break --- good, I will need time to recuperate from all these new experiences --- and to begin the 6 weeks of work. From what I understand there will be a LOT of papers -- so perhaps this blog has been good practice.

Thank you all for your prayers, support and encouragement. It has meant more to me than you can possibly imagine. I am truly blessed!


Denise Wood said...

Hey Molly,

You made it! YEAH! You have been on my mind so much and I could not go to bed w/o checking on you:) IT is late - yikes - How did it get to be 2:02 a.m.??? I have been up cleaning - image! Yes, I shampooed carpets again for my sniffling-sneezing kids and even washed down walls. Once I get started cleaning, I can't find the stopping point! Let's see, I didn't vacuum the dog! I think that would solve many problems in the cleaning zone!

Talk soon via IM - Graham will have to help me:)

Have fun - and savor the moments!

Love an prayers,

I am jealous!

Jeanne said...


How was your first day of classes! I tried calling you Friday on my way back from Fayetteville. I will get on IM and hope you are on. If not let me know how you are doing. Your blog is wonderful. Can't wait for next posting, Jeanne