Thursday, June 26, 2008


Happy Anniversary - Giffy!

WOW - it is incredibly hard to believe that 26 years have passed since we said "I do" at Norfield Congregational Church. There has been a LOT of water under the bridge - but somehow we continued to bob up for air and not drown in the flood.

Who would have thought 26 years ago that we would be living in Kansas?! My image of Kansas was corn fields and cows as fas as the eye could see (Yankees tend to think that the world stops after Washington, DC). While there is a certain element of truth in that image (especially when taking I-435 from the airport in 1990), we have come to love the midwest way of life. It is hard to believe that we have spent more of our married life here than any other place we have lived. Kansas is now home - the east coast is now a vacation destination.

Who would have thought 26 years ago that we would have 3 children - all nearly grown - and one son-in-law? I always knew that we would have children, I just never imagined that they would grow up to be adults (or more specifically - that I would ever be old enough to have grown up children). How blessed we have been with 3 terrific, healthy, intelligent, responsible, independent, loving, Christ-centered kids! God is good.

Who would have thought 26 years ago that Geoff would be in retail sales and I would have a "career" as a teacher!! Geoff was going to take New York City by storm and have a 40 year career in the financial services industry -- and I was going to be the stay-at-home mom. While we lived that life for a while - it has certainly taken many twists and turns along the way. I will not go so far as to say the entire ride was joyful --- but I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the ride. We have learned a lot about our own individual selves - a lot about one another - and a lot about ourselves together as husband/wife. I would not trade this life I have now for anything. It was the life designed by God for me, and it is indeed perfect.

Who would have thought 26 years ago that I would be spending this anniversary 900 miles away from home in a 6x8 Santa Fe dorm room while Geoff was tending the home fires in Kansas City? This is the first anniversary we have been apart - and it is an odd feeling. It is nice to be at a point in the marriage where you know the relationship is strong enough to withstand a 6 week separation - and yet it there is something ironic in the fact that we are separated on this momentous occasion. I am deeply grateful to Geoff for allowing me -- actually, for pushing me -- to take advantage of this opportunity. It is truly the best anniversary present!

So.....26 years on the 26th of June.....I think that is an sign. This year will be our "magic" year; this year will be filled with old reliable comforts, and new exciting beginnings. This year will mark the change from every cloud has a silver there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Here's to another quarter of a century of walking hand in hand on the journey that God has set before us.

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