Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One week down.....5 more to go!

Well, this officially marks the passing of one full week at Bread Loaf. I have had 3 class sessions - a trip to the downtown area - many walks to and from the student union (it is VERY hilly) - the pleasure of watching spectular sunsets every evening - and a boatload of first experiences. I am still overwhelmed, but have learned that this is a natural feeling at Bread Loaf - and I am not the only one feeling these emotions.

The professors are VERY understanding and are truly here to help the students learn - not to try to eliminate students from the 2009 class roster. I need to keep this in mind: we are working for the same goal - we are not in an adversarial relationship.

I have learned an incredible amount in only 3 short class periods. I have already taken a ton of notes and know how to improve my literature classes for next year. It has been well worth my time and anxiety for this benefit alone.

This weekend will be a bit more stressful than last. I will need to finish memorizing the first 18 lines of Chaucer's prologue to the Canterbury Tales (in Middle English, no less) for Monday - of which I have only about the first 8 done so far. This will take quite a bit of short bursts of studying over the next 5 days.

I will need to somehow review the 950 pages of Bleak House and be prepared to discuss in class on Monday. This is a stretch for me. I normally try to re-read a book prior to class -- but it is physically impossible to do that this time around. At the same time, I need to be developing a paper idea so that next weekend I can write a compare and contrast paper for Villette and Bleak House on one small detail/theme that is evident in both stories. This will be a huge step outside of my comfort zone!!

It is still overwhelming - but the knowledge that everyone has felt this way at some point and time - and some still feel this way - somehow gives me comfort.

Prayers are still appreciated. Thoughts are still in Kansas.

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