Friday, June 6, 2008

How does one pack???

Ok, I have packed for one week stays overseas (one 50 lb suitcase and one carry-on) ....and I have packed for a semester at college (all that will fit in a Ford station wagon circa 1978) .....but I have never packed for a 6 week long-distance trip in just two suitcases that I must carry myself! Where do I start???

First of all, I was told to bring a spare towel and a blanket - as the college will only provide one towel and a set of sheets. Being extremely cold natured - I MUST find room for the blanket (and possibly my pillow). Secondly, I must bring all books for class - this includes the 7 books for Victorian Narratives, 2 books for Chaucer (plus my modern day translation to help me out) AND my laptop computer, various notebooks, pens, pencils, etc. My guess is this will take up one entire suitcase. That means that I must fit 6 weeks worth of clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup etc in only one suitcase (ok - those who went to London for only one week - you KNOW how this difficult this is for a female traveler!!)

I suppose I must take the attitude that I will probably not see these people again (or at most next summer) and so if they see me in the same 6 or 7 outfits for 6 weeks that's ok. I will probably want to burn those outfits when I arrive back in KS - but such is the sacrifice for the sake of education, right?

On the positive side -- the 21st century offers some luxuries and conveniences that I did not have available to me in 1978. For example, I do not have to worry about long distance phone calls as our cell phone plan allows for thousands of minutes of free long distance and unlimited text messaging (although I must confess that my text messaging skills are severely lacking). Also, I have my laptop computer and ethernet access (I pray that it works in my dorm room) and that allows me to keep in contact through other cyberspace methods such as Facebook, blogs, email and AIM. I even have a webcam - although I have yet to figure out how to set that up - so I may even have the opportunity to talk AND see my loved ones! In the dark ages of the 70s we had the choice of long distance phone calls or old-fashioned, hand-written letters!

In addition, I do not have to worry about a television, DVD player, stereo and radio alarm clock. My trusty cell phone can act as an alarm clock and my laptop computer will allow me to watch DVDs, listen to iTunes music and even catch up on television shows - if I ever watch any. In 1978 these appliances alone took up the entire back seat of the station wagon.

Well, enough of all this nostalgia - I best get to packing!

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