Thursday, June 5, 2008

My First Post

Well, in 5 days I will leave for a 6 week intensive study of English literature in Santa Fe, NM

This represents a HUGE step out of my comfort for several reasons. First of all, it will be the longest time I have ever been away from my family since I was married - and that was nearly 26 years ago! Secondly, it involves going to a new place where I know absolutely no one and I have no idea what to expect -- in short, the worst imaginable environment (to quote Armageddon). Thirdly, I will now be the student rather than the teacher - again, this is a situation that I have not experienced for nearly 26 years. I have NO idea if I am capable of this role reversal. English was NOT my favorite subject in high school and I am just not sure that I have what it takes to analyze and draw noteworthy conclusions on my own.

However, I do feel that I have been blessed with this opportunity (however scary it might be) and I intend to make the best of the situation. While this is a 5 year program, I am only going to take it one summer at a time. If I learn that this is really not the program for me I have only lost 6 weeks of my time and I still will gain invaluable information that I will be able to use in my classroom.

I am a life-long learner. I LOVE to learn - and whether I have a MA after my name or not, this will never change. I have learned so much just by doing the pre-reading assignments -- I simply cannot imagine what insights I will gain from the instructors. So while I may or may not succeed in the Masters program, I know that I have succeeded in taking the next step to enriching my own life for the better.

I will covet all prayers while I am away - and I will try to update this blog on a daily basis, for anyone who would care to follow my progress.


Jeanne said...


I am impressed by your blog. Since you joked that it was an assignment, your grade is 99% (you'll know what you lost the one point for if you reread your statement about your Middlebury writing sample), Jeanne :)

Denise Wood said...


I am very proud of you and know you have what it takes to succeed in this brave journey!

Thank you for blessing me with your friendship.


Trish said...

Molly--I just stumbled on this other blog of yours and I couldn't help but sneak a peak at the first post (always love reading first posts). What an incredible journey. I hope it is going well for you and I certainly understand the fear of not having what it takes to analyze literature but also being a life-long student. Good luck to you!