Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Adios, Santa Fe

Well, my roommate left this afternoon, as did half the campus. I am nearly packed, and 24 hours from now I will be landing at KCI. It all seems so very surreal right now; in fact, if I didn't have the graded papers as evidence, I would swear that this was all a dream. I so vividly remember getting on the plane in Kansas City 6 weeks ago - absolutely scared to death. I remember landing in Albuquerque wondering if I would ever be able to carry the two suitcases to my dorm room. I remember meeting Margie at the shuttle counter and I knew when she asked, in her deep southern accent, "Are you with Breadloaf?" - I would be ok. I remember stepping into my dorm room and realizing that all was going to be fine -- as I had a private room and the internet cable worked! I remember thinking that God had truly blessed me when he gave me a wonderful, Christian roommate who immediately set my mind at ease. I remember the first day of classes, staring at all the other students around the round table, wondering if I would ever remember all their names, much less any of the material that was to be taught. And then.......it is all a blur. I remember reading a TON! I remember writing - and worrying - about the 4 term papers. I remember the 3 seconds of relief when I saw that I actually received A- on the first set of papers --- and then immediately plunging into writing the second set. And.....I remember the last day of class. It truly did pass by that quickly. The professors were amazing - although they are so amazing that most of them are not returning next year as they have prior engagements: my Chaucer professor will now be teaching at the Folger's Shakespeare Library in Washington DC during the summer; another teacher will be attending a seminar in England; another will be doing a book tour of the book she just proofed this summer; I am not sure why the professor from Princeton is not returning (which I had hoped to take his Bible as Literature class), but I am sure he other academic engagements. So.....I am not sure if I will return to Santa Fe next summer - or venture to Ashville, NC - or, dare I hope, join Jenna at Oxford. BUT...I will definitely come back. And hopefully next year --- it won't be such a blur at year's end.

The pictures posted are from a tour that Margie and I took today at the Pecos National Park, where there are remains of an old pueblo. The church is the most visible structure left standing, but there other remnants of pueblos and other mission ruins. It was very interesting, and a great way to end a trip to this very historic area of the United States.


Diane said...

I just LOVE Santa Fe. Such a great artsy town.

Al said...

I love the pics of the old Pueblo.
The contrast between the rich warm mud and the sky is amazing.

Saumya said...

I have never been to Santa Fe, but it sounds great!! I do love the Pueblos I have seen in Mexico, though. Nice post and blog!! I am trying to finish my novel by July before medical school. I think it's amazing that you teach English!