Sunday, July 6, 2008

No Rest for the Weary!

Well, I turned in my 2nd paper on Thursday - actually one day ahead of schedule - and have spent most of this weekend gathering information for the last two papers that I have to complete by July 18! These papers are even longer - and more complex - than the first two. The paper for Chaucer will concentrate on the Franklin's Tale and the role of "contracts" in that tale. There are basically 3 contracts made: chivalric code of honor; marriage; and a "rash" promise that was made in jest. My thesis (as weak as it is right now) asserts that the Code of Chivalry trumps everything in this aristocratic, medieval society. I plan to meet with the professor next week to help make this thesis sound more professional.

The paper for my other class is leaning towards a lesson plan. I have never completed an "official" lesson plan, so this will be a great exercise for me --- incredibly time consuming, as you have to develop all handouts, tests, class discussion questions, writing assignments AND match them to state standards of english education --- but very valuable. I will be using the book, Lady Audley's Secret, which is a wonderful 'sensational' novel of 1860. I will be meeting with the professor tomorrow to discuss how to go about this, and perhaps how to add a gothic novel to the mix as well. English 4 class --- watch out ---- it will be a fun, exciting, hard-working year!

I did allow myself a treat this weekend. I went to the flea market with a friend - and had a blast. It was so much fun to see all the booths of Indian jewelry, woven rugs, native clothing, etc. I even bought myself a piece of jewelry -- which is highly out of character for me! However, the jewelry does have an educational value - so that redeems my reputation. Did you ever hear of DaVinci's Divine Proportion? Well, it was news to me and there was an artisian at the flea market who made beaded jewelry that can either function as a bracelet - anklet - or necklace. Apparently our bodies are designed so that 4 times around the wrist = 3 times around the ankle = 2 times around the neck. VERY COOL -- and pretty at the same time.

Well, I must go have breakfast for sustenance so that I can WORK the rest of the day (too much play yesterday). I simply cannot believe that I have past the half-way point in this summer's endeavor. The time just flew by!

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