Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

It is hard to believe that today is the 4th of July. This is somewhat monumental on several levels. First of all, I am spending this holiday 900 miles away from family -- I guess you could say I am being very independent on Independence Day. Secondly, I can hear the fireworks sounding over the Santa Fe mountains, but I cannot see them. This is the first year I haven't seen fireworks in --- well --- a really long time. And finally, this is the first year that the dock in Bella Vista, Arkansas has not been used for the Totoro Family Firework display.

We christened that dock in 1993 and it became a new family tradition. Many laughs, giggles, oohs and ahs were shared around that dock on the 4th of July. Each year the display would grow larger and brighter, and each year we would marvel at what a great time we shared. Graddy was able to share in that celebration one last time - July, 2005 - and we will always hold that holiday as God's special gift to us. A lot has happened over the past 3 years, and we knew that last year's July 4th celebration would be the last one shared at 97 Mayfair. Sometimes moving on can be hard.

But a new tradition has begun this year. I was not able to be a part of it, but Mom's new apartment has a balcony that allows for a perfect view of Olathe fireworks. All can fit on that balcony and ooh and ahh at the professional display. Not quite as spectacular as the show off the dock, but a colorful celebration nevertheless.

So, here's to a celebration of freedom; here's to old traditions in new ways; here's to continuing the journey that God has set before us; here's to Graddy.

PS - I couldn't watch fireworks displays, but I could watch beautiful sunsets. Here's to God's natural beauty in the sky every night!

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